Two Phrases I Can’t Stand To Hear My Children Say And What I Did About It


There are two phrases that my my son has found the habit of saying that completely irritate me. One day, I finally came to my breaking point and commanded my son to NEVER SAY either of those two phrases again…OR ELSE! No, the phrases were not curse words. And, yes, there are times when it is appropriate to use one of the phrases as a response. But, when they are just excuses to keep from doing anything that requires effort, the mere sounds of the words grate on my nerves. The Phrases Phrase #1: “I Can’t” Phrase #2: “It’s Too Hard” …

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When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking

pretty smiling little girl on balcony, look from window

Do you ever feel like your children are oblivious to the hours and effort you spend doing everything in the world for them? I do.   I know that my kids do watch me. In fact, I often-times think I am training parrots as my kids mimic everything they see and hear. And I quite often think I am looking at a mirror when I see how my children reflect attitudes, mannerisms, words and actions. But, sometimes, it seems like my children just don’t notice, understand or appreciate

About Me

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I am a husband and a father of three children, two boys and a girl.  I love the simple things in life – being with my family, watching movies and simply being outdoors.  I love to create things and I love to play music.  And, I love being involved with my church. I develop software for this company and create software for other projects like this one. I also lead ministry. I have served in youth ministry, worship ministry, small group ministry and I currently serve on staff in the children’s ministry at this church. Life is a challenge and I haven’t …

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